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Course Title:                  Address impact on the Environment

Description:                      The training will focus on the principles and concepts related to managing
environmental impacts, the role of environmental management tools in managing environment as well as actions can be taken to address the impact of human activities on the environment.

Duration:                               1 Day

Audience:                              Supervisors & Management

  • 1. Responding to Identified environmental impacts. 

    • • Differentiating between preventive, corrective and remedial responses
    • • Considerations in choosing appropriate level of response.
    • • Responding timeously to environmental impacts.
  • 2. Developing appropriate plans. 

    • • Formulation of logical, practical and sufficiently detailed plans.
    • • Embracing the multi-stakeholder nature of plans.
  • 3. Implementation and evaluation of environmental plans. 

    • • Aligning actions with plans.
    • • Implementation and adjustments of plans during implementation.
    • • Addressing impacts properly.
  • 4. Reporting and recording results. 

    • • Capturing of key issues succinctly and clearly.
    • • Compiling and presenting report appropriately
  • Course Notes 

    Learner will be capable to understand and explain relevant aspects of the following:

    • • Explain that languages have certain features and conventions, which can be manipulated and they can also apply this knowledge and adapt language to suit different contexts, audiences and purposes. Knowledge of formats, conventions, protocol and context is also acquired through this training