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Course Title:   Basic Rigging Principles.

Description:   The training will enable participants to conduct basic rigging practices in accordance with legislative safety standards and job requirements. This includes the inspection, selection and use of slings and lifting tackle to safely lift, move and stack loads.

Duration:             1 Day

  • Identify and select lifting equipment. 

    • Safe working loads and correct slinging methods.
    • Identification and selection of lifting equipment in line with load requirements.
    • Inspection of lifting equipment.
    • Consequences of using damaged or defective equipment.
  • Conveying loads by means of lifting equipment. 

    • Planning the rigging process.
    • Slinging the load in accordance with load requirements and worksite procedures.
    • Communication methods utilized to clear people from the load path and destination.
    • Communication methods utilized to clear people from the load path and destination
  • Storage and Maintenance of lifting equipment. 

    • Consequences of inadequate caring and storage procedures.
    • Manufacturer’s recommendations and worksite procedures in relation to maintenance and storage.
    • Maintenance practices including cleaning and lubricating before storage.
  • Course Notes 

    Learner will be capable to understand and explain relevant aspects of the following:

    • Relevant worksite procedures.
    • Specific legislative & company safety regulations.
    • Application of rigging equipment, slinging methods and hand signals.
    • Interpretation of equipment defects and unsafe rigging practices