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Course Title:   Erect, Use and Dismantle Assess Scaffolding

Description:   This course is designed to acquire the knowledge and skills required by the industry to function as a scaffold erector. Their functions will include leading a scaffolding team. This includes the ability to safely and efficiently deploy the required resources to erect and dismantle access scaffolding.

Duration:              1 Day

  • Interpret basic drawings and instructions for the erection of access scaffolding according to SANS 10085 

    • Types of access scaffolding identified
    • Classes of platforms identified
    • Methods of stabilising access scaffolding
    • Basic drawings/sketches are read and interpreted
    • Instruction for erection are interpreted according to organisational procedures
  • Coordinate resources for the erection of access scaffolding 

    • Basic action plan is compiled and activities prioritised with drawings/instructions
    • PPE and other safety equipment for erecting and dismantling is identified
    • Teams deployed according to basic action plan
    • Scaffolding equipment/hand tools fit for use are picked
    • Resources are moved to the identified work as per basic action plan
  • Erection of access scaffolding 

    • Hazard and risks at the work site is identified
    • Equipment is based/set out according to drawings/instructions
    • Handling of equipment during erection is conducted according to safe lifting
    • Erecting sequence is organised and work activities controlled with safe working methods
    • Erected scaffold modified/altered according to instructions and safe working procedure
    • Excess materials removed from site
  • Dismantling of access scaffolding 

    • Hazard and risks is identified
    • Visual pre-dismantling inspections are conducted
    • Dismantling sequence is organised and controlled
    • Dismantled scaffold equipment are stacked and stored in demarcated area
    • Site procedures for the clearance of material, equipment and crew
  • Course Notes 

    Learner will be capable to understand and explain relevant aspects of the following:

    • OHSAct and the application to access scaffolding operations / SANS 10085 / Scaffold inspection policies and procedures / Resource coordination / Basic scaffold drawings