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Course Title:              Fire Extinguisher Handling

Description:               This training skill is designed to equip participants with the capability of identifying, containing, preventing and extinguishing different types of fires by operating basic fire fighting equipment.

Duration:                    1 Day

Target Audience:       Supervisors and employees

  • 1. Identifying different types of fire 

    • • Causes of fire
    • • Classes of fire
  • 2. Fire Prevention 

    • • General organisational housekeeping
    • • Industrial safe practices (OHS Act) and company specific procedures
    • • Consequences of non adherence to safe practices
  • 3. Operating basic fire fighting equipment 

    • • Basic fire fighting equipment
    • • Types of fire fighting equipment
    • • Basics in operating fire fighting equipment
  • 4. Basic fire fighting procedures 

    • • Necessary steps to take when fighting a fire
    • • Precautions to be taken when fighting a fire
    • • Procedures in containing a fire
  • Course Notes 

    • Learner will be capable to articulate issues pertaining to causes of fires, classes of fires, safety signs/symbols on fire equipment, Occupational Health and Safety Act., fire prevention housekeeping, fire fighting equipment, techniques as well as fire fighting procedures.