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Course Title:         First Aid Level 1

Description:         This training skill enables participants to assess the emergency situation and providing basic Life Support and basic First Aid in order to stabilise patients prior to transfer to the emergency services.

Duration:               2 Day

Target Audience: Supervisors, SHE Representatives and other assigned employees

  • 1. Emergency scene management 

    • • Maintenance of personal safety is i.e. preventing injuries to self and infectious diseases
    • • Methods of safeguarding the emergency scene
    • • Methods of safeguarding the injured person
    • • The medico-legal implications of rendering First Aid in terms of relevant legislation
  • 2. Elementary anatomy and physiology 

    • • Structure and function of different systems of the human body
    • • Basic medical science of interdependence of different systems of the human body
  • 3. Assessing an emergency scene 

    • • Priority treatments
    • • The cause of the emergency is identified in terms of main contributing factors
    • • The type of injury is in terms of broad classifications
    • • Assessing the situation in terms of the type of assistance required
  • 4. Applying First Aid procedures to the life-threatening situations 

    • • Applying First Aid treatment to the situation and the prevention of complications
    • • Improvisation of equipment that is not readily available
    • • Universal precaution in preventing infection
    • • Applying First Aid in accordance with current practices
    • • Performing Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Artificial Respiration (AR)
    • • Referral to medical assistance is done in accordance with the specific needs of the casualty
  • 5. Treating common injuries 

    • • Identification of different types of injuries and conditions in terms of their severity, cause and possible treatment
    • • Improvisation of equipment that is not readily available
    • • Universal precautions taken in terms of preventing infection
    • • Providing follow-up care in accordance with casualty needs
  • Course Notes 

    • Learner will be able demonstrate an understanding of emergency scene management, elementary anatomy and physiology. Other skill that a learner should be able to show includes assessing an emergency situation, applying First Aid procedures to the life-threatening situation as well as treating common injuries.