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Course Title:   Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

Description:   This course is designed to provide methodology for identifying hazards and implementing controls. Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills required to identify hazards in the work place and prevent potential accidents. This course provides an understanding of the formal processes required to identify, control and monitor hazards in the work place.

Duration:              2 Day

Audience:             Managers, Supervisors, Health and Safety Committee members, Maintenance and facilities staff

  • Know the scope and nature of health and safety 

    • Legal and specific requirements for conducting continuous risk assessments.
    • Consequences for not conforming to legal and specified requirements in preparing for risk assessment.
    • Outlining continuous and other types of risk assessments.
    • Types of documentation required including checklists, planned task observation forms, critical parts inspection forms etc
  • Carry out risk assessment. 

    • Conducting a continuous risk assessment.
    • Persons, tools and the materials required to conduct the continuous risk assessment.
  • Identify hazards associated to the working environment. 

    • Undertaking various forms of hazard assessment that relate to the workplace.
    • Detailing physical and environmental conditions that might exist.
    • Ensuring appropriate documentation is selected.
    • Noting relevant hazards and risks likely to be encountered.
    • Systematically identifying and utilising elected hazard identification techniques such as pre-use checklists, planned task observations, structured observations etc
  • Identify the risk associated to the hazards. 

    • Calculating risk using a risk score calculator and matrix.
    • Applying Risk control procedures.
  • Identify the hierarchy of risk control. 

    • Legislative requirements control measures.
    • Initiate remedial action and follow up on Continuous Risk Assessment.
    • Implementing remedial actions for hazards.
    • Identify optimal and practical control methods and evaluate their effectiveness.
    • Describe actions in the event of control failure
  • Course Notes 

    Learner will be capable to understand and explain relevant aspects of the following:

    • OHSAct and the application to workplace continuous risk assessment / Construction Regulations / Inspection policies and procedures with regards to workplace hazards / Resource coordination / Proactive workplace Health and Safety management