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Course Title:   Incident Investigation

Description:   This course aims to enable participants to collect and evaluate information relating to workplace incidents and determine their causes so that work systems can be improved to ensure management can meet its responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace

Duration:              1 Day

Audience:             SHE Representatives, Supervisors, Managers, Safety and Health personnel, Safety and Health Committee members

  • Determining applicable governance procedures. 

    • Organisational requirements for workplace safety, health and environment incident investigation.
    • The legal and organisational specific requirements regulating the reporting and investigation.
    • Procedures to be followed when an incident occurs in the workplace
    • Securing the scene, handling of injured persons, handling of fatalities, dealing with work processes and initial reporting.
    • Information gathering
  • Reporting & Recording 

    • Prescribed procedures for gathering accurate and relevant information.
    • Consequences of non-compliance.
    • Purpose, type and extent of information required
  • Investigation Method  

    • The procedures to be followed when an incident occurs in the workplace are explained in order to facilitate effective management of the incident.
    • Resources required conducting investigations.
    • Questions and Interviewing.
  • Post-investigation activities 

    • Preparing the Incident Report
    • Required format
    • Investigation Report, Compensation documents, required government departmental documentation and organisational documentation.
    • Submission of reports to relevant designated people.
  • Course Notes 

    Learner will be capable to understand and explain relevant aspects of the following:

    • OHSAct and its application to incident investigation / COID requirements with regard to Incidents reporting/ GAR 8 & 9/ Incident scene management policies and procedures / Resource coordination / Preventative workplace Health and Safety management in relation to work in confined space.