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Course Title:         Legal Liability

Description:         This course has been designed to provide a broad perspective about the legal and risk management issues involved in planning and implementing Occupational Health and Safety policies and procedures. It will provide an overview of many other training skills that can be studied at greater depth in Occupational Health and Safety.

Duration:               1 Day

Audience:              Managers, Supervisors, SHE Representative, Safety Officers

  • 2. Framework of health, safety and environmental legislation 

    • a. Creations and Promulgation of various legislations
    • b. Compliances and contraventions
    • c. Applicable workplace legislations
  • 3. The requirements of health, safety and environmental policies, procedures and codes of practice 

    • a. Requirements of Occupational Health& Safety
    • b. Objectives of the OHS Act
    • c. Updating of policies, procedures and codes of practice
  • 4. Implementation and maintenance of health, safety and environmental legislation in a workplace 

    • a. Allocation of resources to implement and maintain health, safety and environmental legislation( Appointments, budget, human resources, equipment and materials)
    • b. Training and communication required
    • c. Objective and targets setting
    • d. Inspections, measurements, audits and reports
    • e. Maintenance and control of documents and records
  • 5. The key duties of the Employer, Employee 

    • a. Criminal Liability
    • b. Vicarious Liability
    • c. Sec 37(2) agreements
    • d. The reasonable man test