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Course Title:      Manila rope and full body harness inspections.

Description:      The training will enable participants to inspect products, keep records and
provide feedback on the conformance of the product to specifications as well as
participate in safe work practice development for harness based work at heights.
It aims to make participants responsible for the performing rope and harness-
based work at height.
Duration:              1 Day

  • 1. The legal framework and definitions. 

    • a. Occupational Health and Safety Act overview
    • b. Construction Regulations overview
    • c. General Safety Regulations overview
    • d. Definitions.
  • 2. Fall Protection Systems. 

    • a. Personal Fall Arrest System
    • b. Positioning Device System
    • c. Control over work at heights
    • d. General Requirements
    • e. Risk Assessments
  • 3. Fall Protection programs. 

    • a. Issues to consider when selecting appropriate fall protection programs
    • b. Rescue and retrieval procedures
    • c. Fall protection Plan
    • d. Training
    • e. Review, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • 4. Inspection and maintenance. 

    • a. Cleaning procedures
    • b. Harness and lanyard inspections
  • 5. Manila Rope. 

    • a. Rope inspection and retirement
    • b. Usage
  • Course Notes 

    Learner will be capable to understand and explain relevant aspects of the following:

    • • Identify and safely use a pre-engineered rope rescue kit for emergency recoveries
    • • Correctly fit a full body harness and buddy checks
    • • Perform numerous industry specific rescue activities
    • • Company storage locations and procedures.
    • • Application of rigging equipment, slinging methods and hand signals.
    • • Interpretation of equipment defects and unsafe rigging practices