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Course Title:   Oral / Signed Communication

Description:   Participants of this training will provide a sound foundation of spoken/signed language ability for further language growth, and for application in real life contexts

Duration:             1 Day

Audience:            All employees

  • Speaking and listening/signing strategies. 

    • Questioning / Discussing
    • Guide to sustained interaction exchange.
    • Intonation (tone)/NMFs, volume/sign size, pace and rhythm, pitch/NMFs, stress, repetition and pacing.
    • Contextualized communication.
    • Supporting or countering arguments.
    • Displaying clarity and understanding in speech.
  • Accommodating socio-cultural sensitivities. 

    • Combining the spoken/signed word with visual features and body language.
    • Using appropriate Intonation/NMFs.
    • Use of appropriate or inappropriate forms of politeness in a -specific context.
    • Preventative methods and practices.
    • Expressing own ideas and opinions with regards to others socio-cultural sensitivities.
  • Using language structures and conventions to shape or decode meaning. 

    • Listening to new or borrowed words while listening /viewing, idioms, slang, acronyms and technical terms are identified and used appropriately in speaking/signing
    • Extending vocabulary by exploring new words and meaning.
    • Using pause, intonation/NMFs, pace, stress and a variety of sentence structures.
  • Organising and presenting information in a focused and coherent manner. 

    • Making meaning and purpose accessible to listeners/audiences.
    • Style and register
    • Identifying, locating, selecting, logically structuring and presenting information.
    • Using Illustrative aids.
    • Presenting coherently in prepared and unprepared talks.
    • Formulating conclusions.
  • Identifying and explaining how speakers/signers influence audiences. 

    • Diction
    • Omission or inclusion of pertinent facts and opinions.
    • Different techniques of spoken/signed communication.
  • Course Notes 

    Learner will be capable to understand and explain relevant aspects of the following:

    • Explain that languages have certain features and conventions, which can be manipulated and they can also apply this knowledge and adapt language to suit different contexts, audiences and purposes. Knowledge of formats, conventions, protocol and context is also acquired through this training