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Course Title:   Sexually Transmitted Infections

Description:   This course is for any learner who needs to demonstrate an understanding of sexuality and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDS, and the impact of these infections on oneself, as well as in the workplace and society. It is also aimed at encouraging a healthy lifestyle

Duration:             1 Day

Audience:          All employees

  • Sexuality 

    • Sexual orientation and preferences.
    • Sexual Rights and Responsibilities in line with the South African Constitution
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections including HIV/AIDS 

    • Definitions.
    • Nature and symptoms of STIs including HIV/AIDS.
    • Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment.
    • Risky behaviours.
    • Preventative methods and practices.
    • Roles of STIs in relation to HIV/AIDS transmission.
    • Mother to Child HIV/AIDS transmission.
    • Fostering Interpersonal skills as an STI and HIV/AIDS response.
    • Counselling.
    • Lifestyle change with regards to stress and diet management
  • Course Notes 

    Learner will be capable to understand and explain relevant aspects of the following:

    • Sexually Transmitted Infections, HIV/AIDS, Sexual rights and responsibilities, Risky Behaviours as well as Healthy lifestyles.