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Course Title:   Stacking and Storage

Description:   This training will equip participants with requisite skills to ensure that the Stacking and Storage Practices are maintained at a high standard at all times and that all statutory requirements are complied with within the working environment.

Duration:             1 Day

Audience:          All managers/co-ordinators, Supervisors & Foremen, Safety representatives and all Employees.

  • Environmental legislations and the Occupational Health and Safety Act 

    • Reviewing the legislative requirements.
    • Overview of the OHS Act.
  • Personal Protective Equipment 

    • Construction Regulations.
    • General Administrative Regulations
  • Stacking and Storage practices 

    • Safe Work Systems.
    • Floors and Supporting Structures.
    • Stock Holding Structures.
    • Pallet Construction and Loading.
    • Positioning of Stacks.
    • Size and Shape of Structures.
    • Stability and Bonding of Stacks.
    • Stacking Different Types of Goods.
    • Rules for De-stacking.
    • Segregation of Stock.
    • Fire Safety.
    • Materials Handling Equipment.
    • Safe Stock Movement.
    • Automated Storage
  • Housekeeping 

    • Lighting.
    • Noise.
    • Checklists.
    • Hazardous Chemicals Storage.
  • Identify and assess emergencies 

    • Emergency Preparedness.
    • Fire Precautions.
    • Waste management processes.
  • Course Notes 

    Learner will be capable to understand and explain relevant aspects of the following:

    • Optimizing his/her handling and storing of material towards a healthier lifestyle and improved workplace productivity. Identify and explain relevant pieces of legislations