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Course Title:   Supervise the erection and dismantling of Access Scaffolding

Description:   The participant will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to control and organise scaffold teams to set up, erect and dismantle all types of access scaffolding. This supervisor of access scaffolding operations will be able to read and interpret drawings, liaise with the client, plan all activities and co-ordinate all required resources.

Duration:             1 Day

Audience:          SHE Representative & Supervisors

  • Different types of access scaffolding, applications and compliances. 

    • Roles and responsibilities of the access scaffold supervisor with regards to SANS10085 and OHS Act.
    • Types of access scaffolding, including special scaffolding.
    • Access scaffolding components and their safe working loads.
    • Classification for Access Scaffolding platforms, including multi-level platforms, and their loading limitations.
    • Stability requirements as per the regulatory framework with reference to ties and bracing.
    • Relevant documentation, including Access Scaffolding Inspection Registers and Handover Certificates and the associated responsibilities of the Inspector.
    • Completion of access scaffold documentation and signage.
  • Read and Interpret drawings, requirements and specifications. 

    • Details and dimensions of access scaffold design.
    • Identifying and compiling access scaffolding equipment according to drawings, specifications and/or client requirements.
    • Calculating safe working loads on platforms and total loading on uprights based on drawings.
    • Analysing additional client requirements in relation to the practical application of any scaffolding as per SANS 10085.
  • Plan resources for erecting and modifying access scaffolding. 

    • Compiling Detailed Action Plans and activities prioritising in accordance with drawings or client requirements.
    • Calculating from drawings or client requirements access scaffold equipment and other material quantities.
    • Estimating human resource requirements in relation to the quantities calculated from drawings.
    • Scheduling transportation, fit-for-purpose equipment, materials and crews and work activities in sequence according to program and safety legislation requirements.
  • Assess site risks and suitability. 

    • Compiling and implementing site risk assessment.
    • Identifying safe work procedures.
    • Determining site accessibility and assessing method for moving equipment onto site.
    • Procedures for improving site accessibility.
    • Identifying and allocating lay down/staging areas for equipment.
  • Supervise the erection and modification of access scaffolding 

    • Ensuring access scaffold equipment is supplied on site in the right sequence, within the prescribed timeframe and fit-for-use.
    • Monitoring setting out of access scaffolding.
    • Organising the erection and modification sequence of access scaffolding as well as controlling work activities in accordance with safe and cost-effective working methods.
    • Supervising the erection and modification of access scaffolding and platforms and ensuring they comply with drawings and/or client requirements and cross-referenced to relevant, safety legislation and SANS 10085.
    • Removing of excess equipment from the site in accordance with organisational procedures.
  • Supervise dismantling and site clearance procedures. 

    • Conducting site risks assessments and pre-dismantling inspections.
    • Compiling Action Plans and prioritising activities in accordance with client requirements for the dismantling of access scaffolds.
    • Sequencing dismantling of access scaffolding and work activities in a controlled safe and cost-effective method.
    • Ensuring relevant specifications, legislation and standards are adhered to in dismantling access scaffolding.
    • Identifying and allocating lay down/staging areas for materials.
    • Scheduling transportation, materials and crew in accordance with program and safety legislation requirements.
    • Adhering to site procedures for the clearance of materials, equipment and crews and completing activities within prescribed deadlines.
  • Course Notes 

    Learner will be capable to understand and explain relevant aspects of the following:

    • Demonstrating an understanding of different types of access scaffolding, applications and compliance.
    • Reading and interpreting drawings, requirements and specifications.
    • Planning resources for erecting, using and dismantling access scaffolding.
    • Assessing site risks and accessibility.
    • Supervising the erection and modification of access scaffolding.
    • Supervising dismantling and site clearance procedures