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Course Title:                         Traffic Control Flagmen and Radio Control Procedures

Description:                         This course is designed to ensure that workers, the public and all relevant people are safe, when work has to be done on or next to a road.

Duration:                               1 Day

  • 1. Planning the work task 

    • a. Occupational Health and Safety Act overview.
    • b. Introduction to roadwork safety.
    • c. Zone Definitions.
    • d. Interpreting job instruction and determining sequencing of operation.
    • e. Selecting correct temporary road signs and equipment according to worksite procedures and statutory legislations.
    • f. Inspecting and reporting to supervisor equipment defects and ensuring high visibility.
    • g. Adhering to Road Traffic Act in loading equipment.
  • 2. Safe loading and offloading of equipment and workers on vehicles for transportation. 

    • a. Checking vehicles according to worksite procedures.
    • b. Suitably securing and placing equipment on vehicle for transportation.
    • c. Safely accommodating and transporting workers according to relevant legislation.
    • d. Flagman.
    • e. Resources are moved to the identified work as per basic action plan
  • 3. Setting-up temporary road signs 

    • a. Correct flagging signals.
    • b. Placing temporary signs and equipment at the correct intervals, clearly visible and in the correct sequence according to legislation.
    • c. Demarcation of the workplace to ensure safety
  • 4. Completing the task. 

    • a. Restoring work area to a serviceable condition.
    • b. Removing of signs, equipment and flagmen in correct and appropriate sequence.
  • 5. Radio Call Procedures  

    • a. Speech techniques.
  • Course Notes 

    Learner will be capable to understand and explain relevant aspects of the following:

    • • Interpret instructions pertaining to the safety at road works
    • • Execute applicable sections of the Occupational Health and Safety Act
    • • Select the applicable road signs
    • • Load workmen and equipment on the vehicle so that it is safe to drive on a public road