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Course Title:               Supervise Health and Safety on Construction site

Description:         Participants to this training skill should be able to assist with the development of Health and Safety policies and procedures, as well as develop, implement and monitor a Health and Safety site plan.

Duration:                1 Day

Target Audience:  Site Managers, Supervisors, Foreman, Safety and Health Representatives as well as other Artisan leaders.

  • 1. Health and Safety on a construction site 

    • Health and Safety Legislation and regulations pertaining to a construction site.
    • Principles of safety management systems.
  • 2. Development of Health and Safety policies and procedures 

    • Making recommendations regarding Safety and Health policies and procedures.
    • Industry and legislative trends and systems.
  • 3. Health and Safety Site plan 

    • Identifying safety needs and priorities as well as taking appropriate measures.
    • Management Responsibility.
    • Safety preventative strategies.
    • Communicating safety plans.
  • 4. Monitor the implementation of the Health and Safety plan, systems and procedures 

    • Meeting statutory requirements including notifications and appointments.
    • Adhering to company policies, procedures and systems.
    • Detecting and reviewing safety compliance.
  • Course Notes 

    • Learner will be capable to understand and explain relevant aspects of the following: • The implications of Health and Safety Legislation and Regulations pertaining to a construction project, Local by-laws, Principles of safety management systems, Preventative strategies for safety, Components of a safety plan, Company policies, procedures and systems with regard to Health & Safety