Occupational Health and Safety Operators “Fly-by-nights”

Everyone knows them; they are the operators selling their untested knowledge cheaply and in the field of training, characters that haven’t got the faintest clue how to interpret any of the legal requirements feeding employees with irrelevant information.

Some employers still do not understand the saying “cheap is an expensive sale”. You might just be the one falling into their trap and become listed on the new Department of Labour legal register and are forced to retrain because fly-by-night operators are unreliable, undependable, irresponsible, untrustworthy; they are dishonest, deceitful, not to be trusted, dubious, double-dealing, treacherous, traitorous, two-faced, unfaithful, duplicitous, dishonourable, unprincipled, unscrupulous, corrupt, underhand characters when offering their services especially when it comes to training, business or financial matters.

Investigations and follow-up on all relevant training by the HWSETA following reports by stakeholders, have identified the following more common issues: false claims that the training facility is accredited with the HWSETA; offering courses for which the facility does not have accreditation; exceeding enrolment capacity; as well as the issuing of fraudulent certificates.

The accreditation status of a training provider and/or the courses it offers can be confirmed by calling the HWSETA’s toll free helpline on 0800 864 478. “As the HWSETA, we are mandated to protect the rights of learners in this country and we encourage stakeholders to HWSETA call us on our toll free helpline if they have any queries or concerns.” Offenders can be charged criminally for fraud.

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